Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

Hydraulic Garbage Compactors or in other words Refuse Collecting Vehicle (RCV) can be used for recycling purposes as well as for transporting household waste. With our Hydraulic Garbage Compactors range, we offer various solutions to our customer needs, taking into consideration those wastes that are more difficult to compress and different use conditions. Furthermore, we also contribute to recycling processes, which are of significant importance today. Moreover R&D team keeps in direct contact with our customers, since technical details such as selected valve and hydraulic compression ratio are crucial in these systems. Bumer Makina Hydraulic Garbage Compactors are divided into three categories ─ light, medium and heavy duty, and can be produced in different sizes to best fit any vehicle. 
Above all with aftersales team we always support our respectful customers. Spare parts and technical support will be provided for a long period of time. Furthermore for more detailed information feel free to contact our representatives in sales department. 

Hydraulic Garbage Compactor Vehicles
Body 5 m³ – 24 m³
Tailgate 0,8 m³ – 2,5 m³
Compression Ratio 1:3 / 1:6
Hydraulic System Drive PTO
Container Lifters 120 lt. – 240 lt. – 1100 lt. (in accordance with EN840 standards) 400 lt – 800 lt, up to 6-8 m³
Accessories Working area lighting
Rotating beacon
Non slip step with safety bar
Cover for truck body side walls
Easy-to-clean waste water tank located in the front under the body
Automatic/manual control option
Rear view camera (in accordance with EN 1501 Standards)
Hydraulic Garbage Compactor
Hydraulic Garbage Compactor

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